Do you experience asthma symptoms more at night? You might have nocturnal asthma, which is a sign that your asthma isn’t well controlled and puts you at risk of an asthma attack.1

Nocturnal asthma can disrupt your sleep as you may wake up throughout the night due to asthma symptoms. This means that you may get less sleep, and less sleep can worsen your asthma.2,3

You don’t need to put up with sleepless nights, you can break the cycle:

Take your asthma medication1

Using your controller/preventer medication every day, as prescribed, will build up protection in your airways and control your asthma symptoms so that they’re less likely to wake you up at night.

Change sleeping position4

Sleeping on your back consistently can reduce asthma symptoms, prevent waking up at night and reduce the need to take reliever medications.

Be as active as you can in the day1,5

Exercising improves nocturnal asthma by reducing the frequency of asthma symptoms. Keeping active also helps strengthens your lungs and boosts your immune system.

Prepare your sleeping environment1

Get your bed and bedroom ready for good night’s sleep by using anti-allergy bedding covers and an air purifier.

Relax and de-stress before bed1

Practise breathing exercises and yoga before going to bed to help relax and de-stress.

Speak to your doctor

As nocturnal asthma is a sign that your asthma isn’t well controlled,1 you should talk to your doctor to see if any changes are regarding to your treatment.

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