Asthma symptoms can worsen in the morning,1 which may be a sign that your asthma was difficult during your sleep.2 It can be a frustrating way to start your morning – you might find that it makes you feel sleepy and tired throughout the day.3

The good news is that there are simple habits you can incorporate into your daily morning routine to help start your day with minimal asthma symptoms.

Soak up natural sunlight4,5

Sunlight promotes a healthy sleep cycle and boosts vitamin D levels to help with inflammation, which may reduce asthma symptoms.

Use your asthma medication

Take your controller/preventer as prescribed by your doctor and keep it close to you, such as on your bedside table, so that you remember to use it.

Check the weather

Download a weather app or check out to check the day’s weather forecast, air quality and/or pollen count to watch out for asthma triggers.

Eat fruit and vegetables for breakfast5,6

Fruit and vegetables can benefit people with asthma. Add fruit to cereal or blend fresh vegetables like spinach, cucumber or beetroot into a smoothie.


Exercise helps improve asthma control – find out which exercises are asthma friendly.

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