Lucy was 10 years old when she first experienced asthma symptoms during a soccer game. She found it difficult to breathe and felt as if someone was sitting on her chest. Fortunately, her mum noticed and took her to see a doctor where she was diagnosed with asthma.

“It felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I was struggling
to breathe, and I would try ways to open up my airways
and calm my breathing down.”

Lucy has loved soccer since she was young and now plays as a central midfielder. She grew up watching soccer on TV with her dad who is also her soccer coach. Not only has soccer brought her closer to her dad, she has also made many friends over the years.

Although Lucy loved soccer, being a midfielder was physically challenging for her. Even after being diagnosed, she struggled on the pitch and couldn’t keep up with the play. She became frustrated as she felt like she was managing her asthma the best she could.

Lucy’s parents were worried and consulted with their doctor several times to help adjust Lucy’s treatment to meet her asthma needs.

Staying on top of her prescribed medication, Lucy is now in control of her asthma and manages her symptoms. She enjoys consistently playing with her team in some of their biggest matches.

Lucy is also focusing on her university studies and hopes to do well. She is now truly living her best life with minimal disruptions from her asthma and hopes that others like her would be able to do the same.

"To those still struggling with their asthma symptoms, please speak to your doctor and be on top of it. Don’t let it ruin memorable moments for you or your loved ones. Do it for you, do it for them and do it for then, don’t let asthma stop us from living our lives to the fullest.”

Lucy is an asthma patient and the daughter of a GSK employee. Lucy has agreed to share her story with GSK. Her story refers to her own personal experience with asthma and is not intended to be used as medical advice to treat any medical condition. Always consult with your doctor regarding your asthma treatment and medication.

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