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How to control asthma

Coping with asthma isn’t controlling it. There may be more you can do for your asthma.

If asthma makes you miss work, avoid or stop physical activity, or wheeze, and if these happen more than twice a week during the daytime, you may not be controlling your asthma as well as you could.

  1. Use this Asthma Control TestTM to check your level of control and share the results with your doctor.
  2. Next, ask your doctor to help you with an Asthma Action Plan and always take the medication you are prescribed as instructed.
  3. You should also find out more about how to manage common asthma triggers in your everyday life to minimise their impact on you.
  4. On a regular basis, talk about your asthma – with your doctor or specialist to discuss your treatment and symptoms, and also with friends, family and colleagues so that they can help you out.

You are on the road to well-controlled asthma when you:

  • Rarely experience symptoms – you do not wheeze or cough as much
  • Enjoy a better night’s rest – nights and mornings rarely involve asthma symptoms
  • Stop missing out – you seldom miss work or not go out because of asthma
  • Be up for anything – you will have the confidence to take part in all physical activities
  • Avoid hospitals – you will minimise asthma-related emergency visits or hospital stays
  • Rely less on your rescue medication – but be sure to always have it with you, just in case

If you only have mild asthma, quick-relief medicine may be all you need. But if you frequently need your quick-relief medicine, ask your doctor about asthma control.


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Asthma Toolbox

Asthma Control Test

This quick 5-question test indicates your level of asthma control.  

Asthma Action Plan

This is an important guide your doctor can prepare for you to help you stay ahead of asthma at all times.

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