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Asthma Action Plan

Have an Asthma Action Plan

Stay in control of your asthma with a written Asthma Action Plan. Ask your doctor to help you fill it up so you and others will always know what to do for your asthma.

An Asthma Action Plan is a personalised set of instructions that your doctor writes to help you control your asthma.

To keep well every day, use your Asthma Action Plan to:

  • Know what medicines you need, how much to take, and when
  • Remind yourself about the asthma triggers you need to manage
  • Monitor your asthma and lung function

Your Asthma Action Plan also has instructions on:

  • What to do if the asthma symptoms worsen
  • When to see your doctor about your asthma
  • How to identify an asthma emergency and what to do (call 995)

Save or print this Asthma Action Plan for your doctor. Before your visit, take this quick Asthma Control TestTM and discuss the results with your doctor.

Do I only need to do this once?

As asthma may change over time, your Asthma Action Plan should be reviewed regularly so that you get the most appropriate treatment. It’s good practice to update your Asthma Action Plan at least once a year. Also, bring it with you for any asthma-related medical visits.

Show it, save it, and share it

An Asthma Action Plan shouldn’t be kept a secret. Put it someplace where you and others at home can see it easily, like on the fridge. It is also a good idea to save a copy on your phone for easy on-the-go viewing. Finally, share where to find a copy of your Asthma Action Plan with your friends, family and colleagues. It’ll help them help you out if your asthma symptoms ever get too severe.

For children

Give a copy of his or her Asthma Action Plan to every caregiver. For example, teachers, babysitters, his or her grandparents, and helpers at home. They can use it to ensure that your child takes his or her medicine as directed, and will be ready to assist in case of emergencies.


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