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Asthma Control

What is asthma control?

Controlling asthma is when the symptoms are milder, less frequent, and do not hold us back.

How to know if your asthma is under control

Well-controlled asthma is when you:

  • Hardly or never get daytime asthma symptoms (two times or less a week)
  • Rarely need your quick-relief rescue medication for your symptoms (two times or less a week)
  • Rarely wake up at night because of asthma (two times or less a week)
  • Are not limited in your activities due to asthma

However, some people do not think of asthma control that way. To them, being in control just means always having their medication with them so that they can relieve any sudden asthma symptoms.

Controlling asthma is not only about relieving asthma attacks

If we have uncontrolled or persistent asthma and all we do about increasingly frequent asthma symptoms is use our quick-relief medication more often, we are merely coping with asthma. We are not in control of it. Furthermore, those frequent asthma attacks might weaken our lungs and airways, possibly leading to permanent lung damage and further complications down the road.

What you can do to control your asthma

Use these asthma resources to learn how you can work with your doctor to start controlling asthma.

Asthma Control Test

This quick 5-question test indicates your level of asthma control. Your doctor will use the results to determine the appropriate medication for you.

Asthma Action Plan

This is an important guide your doctor can prepare for you to help you stay ahead of asthma at all times.

For more information, you can also read up on ways to manage asthma or find out more about asthma.


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